Embody the healthiest, happiest, most balanced version of yourself today

Congratulations on considering making positive change in your life so that you can start living as the healthiest, happiest most balanced version of yourself. My name is Erin Easton, and I am so excited to walk with you on this journey because I know that  Mindfulness and Health Coaching can enable you to live with more peace, happiness, and purpose by helping you establish a healthy balance in your mind, body, and spirit and by giving you the support and accountability to make and maintain intentional lifestyle changes like…

    • Developing a healthy and balanced relationship with your body and food letting go of dependencies and addictions replacing them with new nourishing acts of self-care
    • Relating to injury, illness, and an aging body with peace and compassion clearing space for healing
    • Creating a spiritual practice that’s in tune with your inner truth
    • Generating more peaceful and intentional relationships with loved ones

What is Mindfulness Coaching


The coaching process begins with mindfulness.  You will learn how to step back and become an accepting observer of what is happening within and around you.  You will develop techniques for relating to what you are experiencing with more compassion and understanding.  This will connect you to the wisdom and insight that you already possess on how to find a healthy balance in your mind, body, and spirit.

Health Coaching

Once you have insight into what a balanced life looks like for you, health coaching will help you explore lifestyle choices that make sustainable change possible. It is a step by step process that will lead you to the lifestyle you want.  It will support you as you transform disruptive habits into nourishing ones allowing you to fully embody the identity of being balanced mentally, physically, and spiritually.  

The Coaches Role

I am a guide, teaching you new techniques on how to find your own insight into what will balance your life and leading you through an exploration of new lifestyle choices.  I am a cheerleader, encouraging radical self-acceptance and the ability to let love in where it couldn’t get before.  I am also your support and accountability, giving you tough love when you default back to old patterns and making sure you show up for yourself everyday.

Meet your coach

Key Qualifications

  • 1 year course in philosophy and meditation ( Shedrub Choekhor Ling Monastery, France)
  • 4- one week meditation retreats (Plum Village, France)
  • 1 ten day vipassana training (Dhamma Sumeru, Switzerland)
  • 2 Educ’Inspir teacher training workshops (La Maison D’inspir, France)
  • Master’s in the use of Mindfulness in language acquisition (Geneva University, Switzerland)
  • 3 month study internship at Tara Mandala Meditation Center (Pagosa Springs, CO)
  • Mindful Teaching in the Secondary School training (Durango, CO)
  • 2 years teaching mindfulness in schools.
  • Certified Health and Life Coach through The Health Coach Institute
  • 200hr yoga teacher training through Arohan Yoga, India

My Story

My name is Erin Easton and my mindful journey took me from a debilitating back injury, an estranged relationship with my family, a lack of self-love, struggling relationships, and a career that was unaligned to my truth to a balanced life that gave me more peace, purpose, and happiness.  The journey began with a meditative look into what was really going on within me.  I discovered what mindsets and perspectives were creating the self story that was no longer serving me.  Through mindful living, I was able to reconnect with the wisdom available within and around me and use it to uncover what lifestyle changes I needed to make.  By observing and appreciating what these lifestyle changes were doing for my well-being the choice to maintain them became easy.  It was no longer an effort to live a balanced lifestyle, it simply became who I was. 

I made peace with my injury and my new limitations which allowed me to heal naturally.  I have found peace and happiness within my family dynamics.  I have found radical self-acceptance and love.  I am choosing to engage in healthy relationships.  My spiritual practice reminds me of my purpose which adds true happiness to my life.  And, Mindfulness based Health Coaching is the career I was made for.  My life is by no means perfect.  I still struggle with disruptive habits, difficult emotions, and unreasonable expectations, but mindfulness keeps me aware of them and helps me maintain a healthy perspective.  I can’t wait to walk with you as you discover the path that leads you to your own version of a healthy, balanced, and purposeful life.