90 Day Total Transformation

Mindfully Balance your Mind, Body, and Spirit 90 Day Growth Journey

This is a 90 day process designed to reprogram how you relate to self and the external world helping you transform unhealthy habits and start living the balanced life that you desire.

Finding a healthy balance can help you to…

    • Develop a healthy and balanced relationship with your body and food
      letting go of dependencies and addictions replacing them with new
      nourishing acts of self-care
    • Relate to injury, illness, and an aging body with peace and compassion clearing space for healing
    • Create a spiritual practice that’s in tune with your inner truth
    • Generate more peaceful and intentional relationships with loved ones

Through the process you will…

  • Become a non-judgmental observer of what’s happening in and around you
  • Develop intuition on what your body, mind, and spirit needs to be whole and balanced
  • Explore healthy lifestyle changes that make balance possible
  • Recognize self-sabotage and replace destructive habits with nourishing ones
  • Step into your personal power and take action toward positive transformation
  • Sustain transformation by making balance your new base-line