Course Options

Live Classes

Bring mindfulness to life by sharing it with others.  Several live mindfulness and yoga classes are held each week in the studio and over zoom.  You can find the class descriptions and schedule by clicking the link below.

Online Courses

Deepen your practice by taking an online course that you can complete on your own schedule.  It is helpful to also join New Leaf’s social network at the same time so that you can meet and chat with other individuals involved in the practice.  You can find the courses available by clicking the link below.

Monthly Membership to video catalog

Create your personal practice by purchasing a monthly membership to the video catalog where you will find guided meditation and yoga videos on many mindful topics.  You can use any video you would like to create a practice that fits your daily needs.  You can purchase access to the video catalog here.  Just select and purchase the video catalog and you will be granted access for one month.

Bundle Package

Buy a monthly pass that allows you unlimited access to the video catalog and an unlimited amount of live yoga and mindfulness sessions.

Offer the gift of mindfulness to a friend

Purchase an online course, a membership to the video catalog, or a bundle package to gift to a friend.  There is no greater gift than healing.