E-books and Virtual Classes

The Foundations of Mindfulness, an E-book

This book goes over the basics of mindfulness.  It explains the exercises that create the foundation of the practice and how to use it as a platform from which you can stretch and grow.


Just fill out the contact form and put “free basics book” in the subject line.


The Full Intro to Mindfulness Course, an E-book

This book includes explanations on what mindfulness is and how to use it in your daily life. It will help you to design a practice that fits your lifestyle.  It also includes suggested daily practices, journaling exercises, and links to 15 different guided practice videos.

  • $60
  • $30 if you have already taken the Intro Course
To order please fill out the contact form or call.

Virtual Group Class Recordings

The following are links to recorded virtual group sessions.  If you enjoy the session please join for a live class found in the group classes link and make a donation when you can so that we can continue to grow our offerings.