Mindful Retreats

Fully immerse yourself in the healing and balancing energy of nature.

New Leaf hosts several retreats per year.  These retreats are designed to give you a full immersion into all aspects of mindful living while benefiting from the nourishing and healing qualities of nature.  These retreats often include an additional theme that adds dimension and depth to your experience.

Upcoming Retreats

Healing Through Mind-Body Awareness

January 16-19, 2020

A retreat designed to help you reconnect your mind and body while immersed in the beauty and wisdom of nature.

Lodging at the Alexander Lake Lodge in Grand Mesa, CO

Daily snowshoe excursions to get you in touch with nature

Daily classes on movement, nutrition, and mindfulness

Healthy group meals and classes on how to prep and plan for convenient nutritious meals

Enthusiastic hosts that care about your well-being and growth.


A weekend retreat to increase cross belief and ideology communication

Feb 21-23, 2020 Buena Vista, CO

This event is meant to bring together individuals of different beliefs and ideologies who are so grounded in themselves that they are not threatened by the 'other." We are inviting people who are able to listen to and learn from other beliefs as well as share their own without trying to convince or convert. If you feel that this is an event that you would enjoy being a part of, please email us and explain why. The event will include..

  • Training in mindful communication
  • Guided discussions on inter-belief communication
  • Group sharing of self-care and spiritual practices
  • Mindful walking
  • Guided meditations
  • Group meals