Making Peace with the Body

It is easy to stay connected with our body when it is healthy and performing in a way that pleases us. However, if our body is sick or hurting, we have a tendency to separate ourselves from our physical form. We say mean things about our body and accuse it of not living up to our standards. Our relationship with the body becomes a me against it battle; my body is fighting me.

This is an absurd but all too real thought pattern. How can we be separate from our physical form. Our body and sense impressions are a large part of why we can experience life. Even if they aren’t functioning properly, they are still our connection between self and world. To divide the body from the “I” is simply impossible. So why do we do it?

It can be easier to disconnect from a suffering body because it allows us to deny the fragility of our physical form. We may feel a sense of safety when removed from the aches and pains that the body is vulnerable to. My body hurts but I’m just fine. Too bad my body can’t keep up with me. These thoughts may help the ego to stay intact while the body is failing but they don’t help you to heal.

Healing takes place when mind and body remain connected. The body is not an inanimate object that we can use up and then throw away. It’s not a car that we can take into the shop for others to repair and eventually trade in for a newer model. Our body is a reflection of our internal state. It is the physical evidence of how we take care of our mind and spirit. If the body is failing it is a sign that we need to come home and take care of the mind.

Illness is not something to fight against. It is an opportunity to develop self compassion and love. If we start a battle against our ailing body all we are doing is tearing ourselves apart. Make peace with your body and ask it what it really needs to be happy. A happy body is a happy mind.