Staying True to You

While on retreat I am blessed with the opportunity to be surrounded by individuals who share my values and beliefs. They have the same understanding that true happiness grows when we create the right conditions. These conditions are often not what is prioritized in mainstream society. It is much easier for me to get in touch with my truth while immersed in a community that shares my values. The difficulty lies in maintaining that truth while engaging in a society that does not.

Often we experience self doubt and worry because our personal goals and priorities do not match those of mainstream thought. Instead of listening to ourselves we allow the opinions of others to create a wedge between us and our own truth. Society has many values that water the wrong seeds in us. We are told that security comes from obtaining more; more wealth, more recognition, more possessions, more work, more success. But while searching for more we lose site of what truly brings us peace.

Currently I am struggling with the collective belief on what it looks like to be successful versus content. I can feel the pull of society’s voice telling me that I shouldn’t prioritize well-being over financial security. My self-doubt and worry rises when I start to buy into values that aren’t my own. Peace comes when I recognize the difference between my priorities and those of others. As I weed out the voices that don’t belong to me, I begin to trust my own decisions.

I encourage you to take a few moments every day to look into your own values and priorities. What is it that you would like to cultivate? Are the things you’re seeking really the things that will bring you true happiness? Which desires are bringing you peace and which ones are planting seeds of doubt and worry?

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